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Monday, March 18, 2013

Awake in a Sleeping World

Open Wide
I look around me and see so many people that are asleep. They are content to live their lives believing what they are told and sleepwalking through life. We all awaken in our own time, and we cannot hold it against those that are still asleep.  I look at my experiences with Ayahuasca, and I realize, it's not a quick fix, there is so much work that needs to be done after returning home. It's kind of like antibiotics, if you stop taking them too soon, the bacteria just comes back stronger. 

For those of us who have had psychedelic experiences, if you have ever tried to explain a journey to someone who has not experienced psychedelics, you find that you are unable to make them understand your experience. It's like trying to explain the color yellow to a blind person. Many of us become frustrated when trying to explain the idea of using something that is illegal as medicine, as so many people have very defined views of psychedelics as being bad because they are illegal. Because these medicines are illegal in our society there is a fine line that many of us walk. 

We must maintain a balance between our journeying and our daily lives, particularly if we work in conservative while-collar jobs. I find that when working around people on a daily basis that are, for the most part, still asleep, that I must temper my experiences and be aware of who I am talking to and how in depth I go about my experiences. When discussing my Ayahuasca journeys, I find that I have slightly more lee way, as there are so many people that are still unaware of what Ayahuasca is as opposed to psilocybin or LSD. 

Often times after a psychedelic experience, people continue to feel the connection that we all have to each other and the world around us, but something we have to realize is that although we have changed, the world around hasn't. There will still be people in the world who are  selfish, arrogant, and angry. We must have compassion for those that continue to live in the world surround by their drama, their pain, their anger, or those who are simply still asleep.


  1. Admittedly, I am one of those people who just doesn't understand the use of drugs to become a better person, even though I continue to be open and listen. Each of us does eventually find our way in this world with help from church, nature, friends, drugs, etc. None of us should be quick to judge another's path.

    1. The only way to understand a drug is to take it.